Patricia K. Rogers for Congress

Meet Patrica K. Rogers

My name is Patricia Rogers. I am an immigrant. I am the third generations of immigrants to America. I was raised by an African father and an American stepmother of Carribean-American descend.The love of freedom and opportunity brought me here. Two centuries ago, a man from the village of Liberta, Antigua immigrated to America and later to Liberia with his family. His daughter, my stepmother, born in Harlem, New York, moved back for safety due to war and immigrated with me and my father. My siblings followed after. My brother is on active duty in the US Navy and my sister is on  active duty in the US Amy and others are yet to come from Liberia this land of the United States of America.

Patrica K. Rogers on the Issues


What, if anything, would you change regarding immigration policy?

I am an immigrant. I came to America legally with my family. I do not want to see sanctuary cities in Maryland that violate federal laws and protect criminals and drug dealers instead of protecting local residents. I want to see comprehensive immigration reform that is fair and within the integrity of our law for all immigrants applying to come to our country. I would like to see the immigration bill S.874 that Sen. Lindsey Graham introduced in 2019 to become law. We are in a global market, the US economy is thriving. Attract a competitive global workforce to our country through legal immigration for people who believe in our American values and desire a pie of the American dream


Would you vote to continue the Affordable Care Act as it is, expand it, or eliminate it? Please explain

We cannot throw the baby out with the bathwater. I will vote to continue the ACA but work on how and what states do with federal funds to make healthcare more affordable on the exchanges in regards to Medicaid and Medicare and private insurance premiums. Since the states have regulatory authority over federal funds, I will work to encourage private employers to offer Health Savings Accounts to all employees (part-time and full time) for medical expenses.


How would you address the growing income gap in our society?

We have a retirement crisis in America. Social security is the elephant in the room.The solution is more legal immigration and the economy. Increasing the import of legal immigrant workers to the US will add to and increase the rising need for able bodyworkers to retire ratio, thus creating long term systematic income growth to social security benefits. Legal immigrants are attracted to our US economy.

At the same time, I will continue to support the current White House policies that have led to more jobs than there are workers to fill them with policies like the opportunity zones and international trade initiatives that are bringing corporations back to the United States, thus raising income for all across gender and race. A thriving economy means more jobs and low underemployment and unemployment.


I am a striving entrepreneur who has failed too many times to count and won. One unplanned pregnancy and a graduation from The American University School of Public Affairs right after the other. I have come to learn this as Louis Zamperini said,

“I’d made it this far and refused to give up because all my life, I had always finished the race.”

I have always finished every race I started and won! I plan to win for Red in a Blue state. The opponent is more powerful and fearsome as a tiger, but I come as a still small voice of reason and temperament. That small still voice has led me to refuse to quit and finish gold against many odds in my life. I will fight for you. Your Republican values of G-d, family and country and win on the issues of immigration, healthcare and social security.

Margaret Mead said, never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

I can. You can. We can Turn Maryland Red in 2020.